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Me & my daddy & Zlatan (engelska)

Me & my daddy & Zlatan (engelska)
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Pris: 60kr
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Modell: Tusen serier8
Förlag: Seriefrämjandet
Snittbetyg: Inte betygsatt.

Sara used to play soccer with her friends. When she and her dad had to 
leave their country she was happy that they were going to Malmö, Sweden, 
where Zlatan lives. Her greatest wish is to see him play and maybe even 
meet him. 
But all isn’t completely well. They may not be allowed to stay. And 
there is something strange about this new country where you have to wear 
a Swedish mask to hide that you are “different.” 
Will Sara’s dreams come true? Or will her nightmares? 

ME & MY DADDY & ZLATAN is based on the award-winning (ISV 2009, Kemi 
2010) comics short story of the same name. The simple drawing style and 
the symbolism behind the masks in the story make it easy to empathize 
with the main character as she experiences different sides of Swedish 

Language: English 
Also available in Swedish version.

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